Karin Schmidt
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Soprano Karin Schmidt starts her singing studies in Munich, Germany.
Then she studied in N.Y. at the Manhattan School of Music and perfects herself in Milano, Italy.
Now she lives and works in a mansion on the hills of Oltrepo Pavese.

She is an artist that can work an different sides and be convincing in almost any known musical kind. Her repertory goes from classical opera singing to Stolz and Lehar operettas, up to the top American songwriters and composers such as Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, Kern, Bernstein and the Jazz Masters, especially Duke Ellington.
She has, beyond the perfect knowledge of German as mothertongue, a perfect handling of English, Italian and a deep knowledge of the lexical peculiarities of afro-american music.

About her: "K.S. sings with nonchalance, grace and simpleness. Her voice is flesxible and has a wonderful sound, a remarkable extension, absolutely under control. Beyond her fascinating presence on stage, she can easily fly from lyrical highths to the warm tones of mezzosoprano and she is peculirily able to interpret both classical and modern music, ranging from great european music to afro-american music civilization".

In these last few years she has recorded two CD’s with high level pianists such as the world famous Antonio Ballista on the first one, named Extraordinary Weill, dedicated to the german songbook of Kurt Weill and the russian rising worldwide star David Gazarov on the other, named Weill on Broadway, about the american side of the composer. She has also studied and made new arranged of the songbooks of Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef, with excellent results.

K.S. appears often on Italian Television, with great success and audience. She gives concerts in very important theatres throughout Europe, and recently she performed – among others – in the Arcimboldi of Milano for the Teatro Alla Scala, at the Auditorium in Milano, at the Teatro Filarmonico in Verona, at the Teatro dell’Opera in Roma, at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, at the Conservatorio Pollini in Padova, at the Ravello Festival and at the Blue Note Milano.


Crossover, crossroad, junction. Today it is an abused word, but it is a very serious concept.
To accomplish it in art and music one needs a wide, manyfold culture, all but superficial.
This is what the german soprano K.S. can give through her vast experience in classical and contemporary opera and american musical.
In recent years she concentrated on Kurt Weill compositions – both in the german period and in the american era – as well as on the aristocratical cabaret of Marlene Dietrich and on the most famous jazz composers, such as Duke Ellington’s music for soprano voice.
This is the reason why each of her concerts – backed up by the improvisation of the excellent jazz musicians in the line-up and by the beatiful sound of her voice – is a composite event of great interest: crossover, as we said.

She performs either in Quartet (voice, piano, bass, drums), Trio (voice, piano, bass) or Duo (voice & piano).

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